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Absence & Attendance

Welcome to the Attendance and Absence section of our website. On this page you will find information on how to report an absences, weekly class attendance winners, termly class attendance, individual 100% attendance winners for each term and key documents relating to attendance and absence.

My child is absent. What do I do?

  • Contact us as soon as possible on the first day of absence, this needs to be before 9.00am;

  • Absence must be reported directly to the school office by the pupil’s parent(s)/Carer(s) and/or Guardian(s). Messages sent by a friend or neighbour will not be accepted as an Authorised Absence;

  • Send a note in on the first day they return with an explanation of the absence – you must do this even if you have already telephoned us;

  • Or, you can call into school and report to reception, who will arrange for a member of staff to speak with you.

My child returns to school after absence. What do I do next?

  • Upon the return to school of a child, from the time of absence, parents/carers/guardians are to provide a written explanation or email of reasons for such absence. This is required even if telephone contact was made with the school during the time of absence.

We are planning to be away from school. What is procedure?

  • Leave of absence forms (see Attendance forms below or paper copies available from the school office) are to be requested and completed in advance. Please note leave of absence will only be granted under exceptional circumstances and is at the discretion of the head teacher.

My child has a medical appointment. What should I do?

  • Other planned absences/appointments must be notified before the absence is taken. Proof of appointments such as copies of appointment cards / letters will be requested.

Fixed Penalty Notices, Frequently Asked Questions.

Please read some FAQ's on Pixed Penalty Notices below which may or my not be relevant in your requesting time off from school. We have included an attached from Lincolnshire County Council on this issue further down the webpage.


Do I need to issue a fixed penalty notice before I consider prosecution for persistent absence?

As long as the absence meets the persistent absence criteria you can proceed straight to legal proceedings without first issuing a fixed penalty notice. They are two distinct procedures for dealing with non- attendance.


What does 15% absence look like?

Using a 6 week period, 15% absence is approximately 4.5 days. Where a holiday falls between a 6 week period, it is possible to issue a fixed penalty notice using unauthorised absences that occurred at the end of the previous term and beginning of the new term.


Whose responsibility is it to issue a fixed penalty notice?

It is the local authority's responsibility to issue a fixed penalty notice based on the information provided by the school. However, it is at the head teacher's discretion as to whether they authorise or unauthorise the period of absence requested and then request a FPN. The head teacher would need to explain to the parent why they, as a school, have decided not to authorise attendance. The Department of Education have issued guidance on this in an attempt to reduce authorised term time absences which currently runs higher than the national average for Lincolnshire. Therefore the school is accountable for the decisions made, not the local authority.


Can the school request to issue a FPN for persistent lateness?

The lateness must show as unauthorised absence on the register and fulfil the requirement of 15% absence (over a 6 week period). The school would need to be clear of their close of registration time and that the lateness is coded correctly.


Parents have informed the school that the holiday was booked over a year ago. How does the school deal with this case?

Parents should first have asked permission for leave during term time which now would only be granted in exceptional circumstances. In this case, the school would need to use their discretion as to whether they have given parents sufficient warning to a change of policy.


What are exceptional circumstances?

Exceptional circumstances cover a range of reasons distinct to an individual family. Each request for absence should be look at on a case by case basis by the head teacher. The school needs to be consistent in their approach and ensure parents are made aware of this.



Quadring Primary Schools Attendance Policy (updated Autumn 2020)

Letter of application for absence from Quadring Primary (copies can be obtained from the school office)

Lincolnshire County Council Fixed Penalty Notices Policy