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Dougal the deep sea diver!

"Slippery fish"

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As part of our "under the sea" topic this term we have been learning a song about a slippery fish.
The children listened to this song and then had a go at making up their own version in pairs.
We also learnt the pitch scale for this song and had a go at learning how to play it on xylophone's. The children really enjoyed this and impressed us very much.
The children standing at the back of each group, chose the sea animal they have in their verse and also thought of their own word to describe it and the way it moved. We hope you are as impressed with their own ideas, as we were. ENJOY!

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Challenges from Pirate Pete

All term our friend Pirate Pete has been watching us and learning along with us.

This week he has been sneaking into Orchard class and everyday he has left us a secret challenge via a message in a bottle. Take a look at the challenges we have been set and completed with great enthusiasm and success.

Friday's challenge

Yo Ho Ho!

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When I was one...

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Thursday's challenge

Wednesday's challenge

Tuesday's challenge

Monday's challenge

Happy Wesak (Buddha Day)


Today we have been learning about the religion of Buddhism.

We found out about Siddhartha Gautama who found enlightenment under the Bodhi tree and learnt how Buddhist's like to celebrate the birthday of this very special Prince.

We also looked closely at the Dharma wheel and Mandala patterns which play a large role in this Buddhist festival.


After looking at these symbols we had a go at making our very own using coloured pasta shapes.

Look how beautiful they are!


"Little Pirate" Science


During our pirate topic this term, we have met the character Little Pirate and his friends Mystic, Parrot and Maximillian.

These characters have been helping us to find out about the world and the things that live in it.

This week's questions were all about the weather.


After finding out what a cloud is and why different weathers happen we carried out our very own science experiment to see for ourselves.


We made a rain cloud in a jug!

We also learnt about how rainbows are formed and in particular which colours are in a rainbow.

We learnt about ROYGBIV where we used our phonics knowledge to match the initial sound of colour names to the letters in the rhyme.

When we worked out which letter was which colour (learning the new colours Indigo and Violet) we had a go at drawing our own rainbows on the playground.

Measuring length with non-standard units.

Here comes the bride!

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The vows

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Our bible reading

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The rings

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Signing the register

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The wedding march

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The wedding vehicle

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The announcement

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The best man's speech

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We celebrated Red Nose Day!

Learning About Christianity

As part of our work on Christianity, we went to visit out local St Margaret's church. We looked around, ticking off the significant symbols we had learnt about within our lessons. We then looked at some artefacts in more detail, trying hard to make a realistic drawing of what we saw. We hope you like our drawings of the stained glass windows, the lectern, the organ and the font. 

When we returned to school we thought about what we had seen and could correctly match the labels to the parts of the church as well as showing brilliant cutting and sticking skills in a matching activity.

Our trip to the farm

Orchard class went to visit Tattershall farm park. We had a brilliant time and saw lots of animals. The children had a bag of food each to give to the animals and were very careful in doing so. They also got the chance to meet some very furry friends and unusual reptiles in a "cuddles corner" session. A lady called Demi taught us lots of facts about the different animals and answered our great questions. Some of us were very brave and had a feel of each animals skin.

We had a super day and learnt so much.

Please take a look at all our photographs below.

"The foggy, foggy forest."


As part of World Book Day, we read the story "The foggy, foggy forest" by Nick Sharrat.

We then had a go and wrote our own version as a class.

Please click on the link below and watch our slideshow.

To view it, click on "Slideshow", "From the beginning slide" and enjoy reading through the slides (with the children's own sentences, phonic spelling and typing) - see if you can guess who is hiding in the foggy, foggy forest.

Once you've had a guess, keep clicking and the fog will disperse to make the character appear.

How many can you get right.



We are celebrating World Book Day

Our own "Happy Families" stories

After focusing on this series of books during "story-telling week," we had a go at becoming authors ourselves. We thought carefully about the characters and their names. Then we chose the setting of our story, before deciding on the events that would happen. We showed great imagination and knowledge of stories throughout, not to mention our super confidence whilst recording. Well done to all!

Master Fly the Pilot's son

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Master Plaster the Doctor's son

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Miss Pet the Vet's daughter

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Master Tooth the Dentist's son

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Halves and quarters - learning about sharing between two/four.