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Additional Learning Activities

Additional Learning Activities

These additional learning tasks are optional activities for you to complete. If you would like to continue your learning and challenge yourself further why not have a go at ones of these activities.

If you do complete any of these activities please do send me the work as I would love to see it.

Have fun!

Mr Hornsey


Why not do some additional research on the 7 continents of the world.


Here is a link to give you a helping hand in finding your first few facts.


Below is a fact file sheet you might want to use to write your facts on or use to help you lay your fact file out in your lined book from your home learning pack.


Think about something you do at home such as making a sandwich or cake, playing a game, brushing your teeth. See if you can write a set of instructions on how you do your chosen activity.


Remember to see if you can use time and order words such as first, second, next, after that.

There is an example of a set of instructions below to remind you what yours might look like.