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Game: The Expert

This is a variation of 'anything can be anything, ' shared in the first resource. Pick an object, it can be anything, a wooden spoon, hair clip, rubber band, a bowl... The players all become experts on the object and all have a different opinion on what it is. Each player holds the object and states "this is not a... this is actually a... and then continues to give their expert opinion on it, whilst sharing a story about it. The others experts act extremely interested whilst they listen to the story. Here's an example. "This is not a wooden spoon, this is a catapult that comes from the land of miniature fairies. I can tell because of the marking down the side, that is the symbol of the land of miniature fairies. It's really small, can you see it? Well, they used the catapult to..... " The next person continues "Ah, I am so sorry to disagree with you my friend but this is not a catapult from the land of miniature fairies, this is actually a... " If there are only two of you, you can have more than one go with the same object.


Tip: Encourage your child/children to share the first idea that comes into their head, and not to worry about whether or not their idea is funny or creative enough