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We had a printing workshop delivered by a teacher from TCHS today.

From PGL Mrs Jameson reports:  Children had a fantastic first day.  Archery and High Ropes were amazing.  Lots of talent displayed.  Lots of fears overcome.  Great evening playing wacky races.  staff have never laughed so much! Most children settled quickly but some were so excited they struggled to sleep.Mrs Jameson had to make a 1.30am room patrol!  All children wide awake, showered and dressed by 5.30am!!  All waiting for breakfast and wandering up and down the corridors chatting, making songs, drawing pictures and practising teambuilding skills.  Staff have been having lots of coffee and using matchsticks to keep their eyes open!

The final day! Our creative class have added a banner, a dress, sideburns and a beard!

Day 3: Blue eyes and lipstick.

Day 2. We have added a beautiful hat and moustache combo!

Every year, Year 6 have a lucky egg as their SATs mascots. This year we'd like to introduce Theresa Corbin! Today we added kawaii eyes!

Barn Owls have designed their own scientific investigations into what impact exercise has on the body.

Matthew has designed a fantastic poster to help us remember different clauses in the English language.

Our scientist of the day.

The Mini Police's presentation

The Mini Police did a brilliant assembly about Safe Parking around schools. They also designed a poster and handed it out to parents.

As well as being brilliant at fiction writing, Barn Owls are also fantastic at scientific non-fiction writing.

We have now written our independent crayons letters. Can you spot the informal and formal styles?

For World Book Day we created a book in a day based upon the story 'The Day the Crayons Quit'. We worked really hard on characterisation and used formal and informal language - depending on our character.

We read out our book to the rest of the school.

Have you ever played ultimate frisbee? Barn Owls have!

We created a drama about Vikings on their way to raid Lindisfarne. We created Viking chants and a dialogue. Have a look at the video channel!

To launch our Vikings topic we dressed up authentically!

Viking Soup. (But it wasn't made out of Vikings!) It tasted delicious (well most people thought so...).

Viking flatbread. We used authentic spelt flour to make it. (It was a bit dry so we were glad to have the soup to wash it down!)

We designed symmetrical Viking brooches using photographs of real Viking brooches as our inspiration.

We started the term by having a 'Buddhism Day'. We took part in a refective meditation, created a Buddhist shrine and coloured in mandalas

We wrote about our meditation experience.

We played Top Trumps to understand where Buddhism was practised in the world. We used atlases to find out where the countries were.

As part of our topic on Evolution, we investigated what beaks were best suited for which foods (emulating Darwin's findings about the Galapagos finches). We used tweezers, chopsticks, spoons and pegs to act as beaks!

Our Mini Police did a fantastic class assembly on diversity today.

We choreographed our own Haka dance. To see just how scary we were, have a look at the video channel!

We voted on what foods we would prefer to have in our new Healthy Tuck Shop.

Thank you Jack for sharing your amazing rock and fossil cake with us!

Barn Owls had a great time doing circuits with Leon Baptiste (a British Commonwealth sprinting gold medallist!) today.

Thank you Mr Edwards for making these amazing, and unique, chairs for the reading corner.

Thank you Mrs Matthews for our newest addition to Barn Owls: Cadbury the Tricerotops!

Using jelly, sweets and bicuit crumb, we created the effect of the process of the layering of rocks over billions of years and fossils getting trapped in them.

We examined fossils and wrote about what scientists could learn from them - just like Mary Anning did.

Well done to our Scientists of the Day!

Well done to our Scientist of the Day!

This is what Barn Owls will be covering this term.

We had a lovely time at the Christmas party.

The Mini Police gave a great presentation about anti-bullying.

All of Barn Owls gave a fantastic performance in the class assembly today. thank you to the parents and carers for their support. See the video channel for the video of 'Altogether Now'.

We had an amazing time at the Space Centre. Barn Owls were complimented on their behaviour and manners and it was a pleasure to take them.

We wrote in Anglo Saxon runes!

As part of Anglo Saxon Day, we tried traditional weaving methods.

We played Nine Men's Morris - an Anglo Saxon baord game.

We made traditional Anglo Saxon Honey Oatcakes - we couldn't measure anything out!

The children looked fantastic on Anglo Saxon Day!

The Mini Police did their first assembly on Anti-Bullying. They were brilliant!

Anti bullying powerpoint by the Mini Police

We created recipes for and the made smoothies as part of our Healthy Lifestyles Day. They were delicious!

We enjoyed trying out yoga as part of our Healthy Lifestyles Day.

Remember we grew pototoes last year? These are some of our crop! Thanks Joe!

Our Mini Police with PCSO Abbotts

Today we re-enacted the Battle of Hastings!

We have been studying prime numbers. Did you know that 73 is the best number?

Our 'Scientist of the day' came up with this great mnemonic to remember the order of the planets.

The children wrote and then presented news reports on the moon landings.

We made the most of the beautiful weather today to investigate shadows; this informed our understanding of the movement of the Earth on its axis.

We had a great time making Joiners in the style of David Hockney.

Well done to our Scientist of the day!

As part of our study of David Hockney, we created factfiles about him.

In Science, we have been learning about the phases of the Moon - using Oreo cookies!

We learnt about how different people need different amounts of personal space and how to respect that.

Each class has been given a "worry monster" who will physically eat our children's worries when they are written down on paper. We set a competition for the children in their class to name their worry monster and then had a vote for our favourites. Well done to Ava and Elise who named The Barn Owls monster as "Monster Munch!"

We have written and signed a class charter in line with the rights and responsibilities of the UN convention of the Right of the Child.

Barn Owls Long Term Plan 2018-19

Homework information for parents