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Golden Eagles

Magna Science Museum trip

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Cooling down in the water room.

Solids, liquids and gasses

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Fog machine fun

Coding the Lego robot

Investigating substances

Reporting the news of Howard Carter's discovery

Oil pastel Pharaohs

Learning the mummification process by mummifying a tomato

Investigating solids and liquids

Practicing out oil pastel technique ready for designing an Egyptian headdress

Understand the impact of water pollution on living things

Fabulous star jumps in PE this week

We wish all the important ladies in our lives a Happy Mother’s Day

Barbara Hepworth inspired abstract people

Messy map making using our topographical knowledge

Learning about the area and perimeter of a 2D shape

Sports hall athletics competition

Chinese New Year symmetry painting

Today we learned all about classifying plants

Hunting for worms and making a habitat

Giving directions using our knowledge of 8 compass points

Exploring fractions

Classifying plants

Inclusive Sports afternoon

Hadrian's Wall artwork

Science learning

Hello Yellow Day - Children's mental health

Take 10 reading

Poetry day - Thursday 7th October

Roman bread making

Information for parents/carers