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Barn Owls

After practising the techniques, we created landscapes in the style of David Hockney.

We studied a David Hockney landscapes and identified the artistic features the practised creating our own.

We looked at some of David Hockney's pieces of work and described them and how they made us feel.

Homework 24.9.20. Choose the 2 timestables that you are on and the Y6 or Y5 maths. Please also do TTRS and read every day.

For Roald Dahl Day and as part of our PSHE, we read The Twits and write 'good thoughts poems and wrote them onto sunbeam self portraits.

Following reading about Vashti's bad experience in her art lesson, we wrote diary entries from her point of view.

After reading 'The Dot' we all 'made our mark' and saw where it took us!

Homework 18.9.20. Please also read for 10 mins daily and do TTRS.

Y6 Target maths

Homework 10.9.20. Please also read for 10 mins daily and do TT Rocks stars daily. Thank you. Year 6 maths is Y6 Target maths sheet 1.

Homework 3.9.20 (please also read daily and do 10 mins of Timestables Rockstars daily) Thank you!

To start the year, we learned about the Rights of the Child and created a class charter based on these. All of the responsibilities were suggested by the children.

Following the persuasive letters that we wrote to our MP in June, we have received a reply!

Class timetable 2020-21

PE DAY - WEDNESDAY (Kit home every Friday to wash and bring back every Monday)

HOMEWORK - Handed out FRIDAY.  Hand in by WEDNESDAY

TIMETABLES TEST - FRIDAY (based upon the homework for that week)

SPELLING TEST - FRIDAY ( based upon the homework given on the previous Friday. An extra sheet will be given to the children on Wednesday so they can keep prcaticing even though their homework has been handed in)

READING - Every night and books to be signed.  Our reading guidelines are that Year 5 read 10 pages a night and Year 6 read 15-20.