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Additonal Learning Activities

Additional Learning Activities

These additional learning tasks are optional activities for you to complete. If you would like to continue your learning and challenge yourself further why not have a go at ones of these activities.

If you do complete any of these activities please do send me the work as I would love to see it.

Have fun!

Mr Hornsey


Why not do some additional research on the five oceans we have looked at in Topic this week.

I wonder what the warmest and coldest temperature is for each of the oceans? I wonder what sort of creatures live in each of the oceans too? Maybe you could find out for me and let me know.

Research Project

Choose something that you find interesting or would like to know more about like Big Cats or even Lego and do your very own research. Find at least five facts about your chosen topic and let me know what they are. I love to learn and it would be great if you could teach me something new.

Have fun!

Mr Hornsey