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We had a fantastic explanation of the mechanics of stock car racing today. Thank you Hibbitt family!

Well done to our JPCSOs on their final presentation today. You have been brilliant!

Come to the Barn Owls end of year production!

Well done to our Bikeability superstars.

Barn Owls presented their Science investigations beautifully at the open afternoon.

Today we investigated light. Each group planned and carried out an experiment to prove that light travels in straight lines

We also investigated the size of shadows. We made shadow puppets and focused on designing a fair test.

We made spinners to demonstrate the spectrum and white light.

By making a pinhole camera we demonstrated how the eye turns images upside down.

The Year 5s were fantastic in their Playground Leaders training. Thank you Mr Haslam!

Today we had great fun creating electric circuits!

Circuits in action

Still image for this video

More circuits!

Still image for this video

More circuits in action!

Still image for this video

Road Safety Day

Well done to our timestables personal besters!

We listened to the Puffin live broadcast with Jacqueline Wilson. An evacuee joined us!

Barn Owls RAF Coningsby Trip Cancelled Letter

PGL Part 1! More to photos to follow...

We made musical instruments from natural materials in the sunshine. It was a welcome relief from SATs!

The JPCSOs delivered a fantastic presentation on Anti-Social Behaviour.

Well done to these children who beat their timestables personal best!

The Year 5s carried out a fantastic investigation into the perimeter of compound shapes.

Barn Owls STEM afternoon with BAE Systems. We won the challenge and have been invited to the Typhoon Training Facility at RAF Coningsby!

Congratulations to this week's timestables personal besters.

Well done to the Barn Owls who turned the tables on the teachers and presented the quiz 'Test the Teacher' in aid of Comic Relief. The teachers were terribly behaved!

Red Nose Day 2017

Well done to those who got a personal best today in their timestables.

We are delighted that we have been awarded a bursary to partially fund a class trip to the National Space Centre! We are hoping to arrange this trip for summer.

Today we looked at the order, relative sizes and relative distances of the planets in our solar system. We used fruit as planets and had to use the field to demonstrate the distances of the planets from the sun.

The great slipper debate has begun! Mrs Wood is looking forward to seeing the persuasive writing.

Well done to our timestables personal best children today!

Mr Haslam from the Boston School Sports Partnership taught us the paralympic sport of Boccia today. Well done to the winners - Bolingbroke!

Learning the present and past perfect and progressive tenses is fun when you make it into a game!

We started our research for our persuasive writing piece today.

Well done to today's PBers. Over half of the class are now under 7 mins - including a lot of Year 5s!

In three hours we created, wrote and illustrated our own book - 'The Day the Felt Tips Quit'. Mrs Wood has never felt prouder of her class.

Worlds Book Day 2017 - Thank you for all of your support at home!

A very special well done to this young lady who was absent yesterday - yet asked if she could catch up on her timetables test during her lunchtime - and got a personal best!

Well done this week's personal besters. So many of the class are now under the 10 minute and 7 minute challenges!

These children kept practising their timetables throughout the holiday and got personal bests today. Well done!

Take a look at our wonderful newsreaders; in just four lessons they learnt about the moon landings, learnt about news reports, wrote a script for a news report and then finally, today, acted out the news report. They were AMAZING!

The Bake Sale to raise funds for school council was a great success. Thank you to everyone who made cakes and bought cakes and well done to the school council who planned and organised it.

Barn Owls have been looking at healthy lifestyles in Science and PSHE. They have created some lovely information posters.

Well done to today's PBers - your timestables knowledge is really helping with your fraction action!

The most children yet got their personal best - and many of them smashed their targets! Very well done!

Storytelling afternooon was a huge success. After listening to 'Crazy Hair' (a fantastic story) read beautifully by one of the dads, Barn Owls and Robins did some paired reading.

We had lots of children beat their personal bests in the timestable challenge today. A particular well done to these two who smashed their personal bests by 4 minutes! Link to the penguin game below!

Well done to the personal besters today!

Today we designed a vehicle that would enable an egg to survive a crash to enhance our understanding of why it is important to use seatbelts. We also applied our 2D net to 3D shape knowledge!

We have really been focussing on sentence starters, embedded clauses and handwriting in English. Have a look at the super narratives of a journey to Lindisfarne from a Viking's perspective.

We had a great time making icosahedrons, dodecahedrons, octagonal prisms and other 3D shapes today. What 3D shapes can you spot?

What a super start to the New Year for our timestables PBers!

We have started our Hinduism topic. The children have made some beautiful mendhi hand painting designs.

The Christmas Party was fantastic! thanks to the PTFA for the lovely lunch, Mrs S for the fab cupcakes and to our special visitors!

Thank you to our penpals at Wittering Primary for the lovely Christmas cards and poems.

Mr Kelwick gave a fantastic lesson on angles. We were amazed how many servings we could get out of a 12 serving cake...

All week we have been doing assessments so this afternoon we had some special Golden Time.

This week's timestable challenge personal besters!

All of the school went to see the Beauty and the Beast panto (oh yes we did!).  The children thoroughly enjoyed it and we were delighted to see them all really entering into the true panto spirit!


Barn Owls and choir were AMAZING today at the Evergreens' Christmas Party concert.  They made us very proud.  Please see the 'Events' page for photos.

Every day our advent elf opens our advent calendar.

Today we had a really informative (but fun!) workshop on 'Hate and Mate' crime from Just Lincolnshire.

My fraction kings taking a break at Jaffa club today!

Well done to the timestable personal besters this week!

We had a fantastic time at our Viking Day! We solved Viking logic puzzles and designed Viking brooches.

Even Mr Kelwick is getting into the Christmas spirit!

Our Christingles are ready for tomorrow. Please join us in church for the 2pm service.

Christmas is coming! We have been busy making Christmas decorations for the classroom.

Well done to the JRSOs who gave a super assembly on 'Be Bright Be Seen'. Congratulations to the competition winners.

We planned and then re-enacted the Viking invasion of Lindisfarne to help our understanding.

Barn Owls have written some lovely 'Thank You' letters to our M.P. (John Hayes) following our visit.

Well done to our timestable challenge PBers today! Don't forget that after Christmas we will be setting new targets. Keep practising!

Following out visit to the Natural History Museum, the children wrote fantastic biographies about the famous fossil hunter- Mary Anning.

Well done to our timestable champions this week - so many of you got a personal best!

The children made us very proud today with their team spirit, determination and impeccable behaviour at Sportshall Athletics.

Well done to our timestable champions today!

If you need spare copies of the timetable challenge, here are two versions. Feel free to print and practise!

A small selection of the acrostic poems completed for Remembrance Day.

Well done to these children who got a personal best in their timetables challenge today.

Barn Owls have been writing character descriptions of an evil teacher!

We received a letter from our MP today after giving him a letter from a pupil about the Year 6 SATs. Get in touch with us please, P!

The letter about Year 6 SATs that a pupil wrote last year that has been sent to the Prime Minister.

Well done to the timestables challenge champions today!

We had a fantastic Anglo-Saxon day today. Thank you to everyone who supported us. Did you know that it was 950 years to the day since William the Conqueror defeated King Harold - making him the last Anglo-Saxon king?

Writing in runes was tricky - but Barn Owls did brilliantly!

We played 'Nine Men's Morris' an Anglo Saxon board game.

Anglo-Saxon weaving - it was a bit tricky but we never gave up! Thank you Mrs Reed and Mrs Matthews!

Well done to all of the Barn Owls who completed the sponsored walk today.  We did 672 laps as a class and 1988 laps as a whole school!  See the 'Events' page for photos.

Barn Owls, you were AMAZING today! You made us very proud! Our trip to the House of Commons.

Our JPSCOs did a wonderful assembly about Halloween safety

The JPCSO powerpoint on Halloween safety

As part of our 'Inheritance and Evolution' topic, we researched the life of Mary Anning. Well done to everyone on your group presentations.

Letter about the House of Parliament trip and Anglo Saxon Day

Christmas has come early to Barn Owls...we have started designing our cards ready for sending them to the printers!

To celebrate Rosh Hashanah, we cooked (and ate!) traditional Jewish food.

Well done to our timestables champions today!

We created David Hockney Style 'Joiners'. We tried to capture our personalities in them. Can you tell who we are?

Our timestables champions - well done!

Well done to everyone who beat their personal best in their timestable challenge this week!

These children are off to a flying start on the reading challenge!

We used drama to understand the figurative language that Roald Dahl uses to describe Miss Trunchbull.

We had great fun playing a game where we counting forwards and backwards in powers of 10!

Well done to all of these children who beat their times tables score this week!

Well done to this young lady who smashed the Year 6 target time!!

The Reading Challenge has begun!

We made a loo roll timeline to demonstrate the evolution of earth.

To link in with our topic on the Anglo-Saxons, we will be having a special Anglo-Saxon themed day on Friday 14th October.  The children will be Anglo-Saxon children for the day and will be participating in lots of Anglo-Saxon activities.  We would like to invite the children to come dressed as Anglo-Saxons that day!

We are so excited about our trip to the Houses of Parliament! Details are below.

We are creating a growth mindset. What makes a successful learner?

We have created a class charter that shows our rights and responsibilities in the classroom. It is based upon the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Welcome Back Barn Owls!  I am very much looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday.  This term we will be studying the Anglo-Saxons, inheritance and evolution, Judaism, British values and the artist David Hockney.  The long term plan for the year ahead and the class timetable (which is subject to change) are below.  There will be a focus on reading and and I have devised an exciting reading challenge for you all!  Homework expectations have changed this year and we no longer have the homework menu.  See the attachment for details. P.E will be on a Monday, but we expect the children to have their P.E. kit in class at all times as there are sometimes changes to the timetable. 

I would  like to welcome Mrs Jones to the Barn Owls team.  Mrs Jones will be working with the class every morning.




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