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Welcome to Barn Owls.  

In design technology today, we have made pulley systems.

Our Year 6 created a brilliant lucky egg for SATs. Say hello to Jack Gustavo. He even had a working roundabout made for him!

We had great fun investigating levers today in design and technology. We made mini mangonels.

Helicopter investigation on air resistance.

In computing, we have been designing and then making 3D models.

Our topic in science this term is 'forces'. We have a great time investigating the relationship between weight(force) and mass.

This term our topic is Ancient Greece.

We had a fantastic trip to Lincoln today learning about Victorian Life and prisons. Thank you to the Museum of Lincolnshire Life and Lincoln Castle.

As part of our learning about online safety and fake news, Barn Owls created their own fake news articles.

Barn Owls designed and built some fantastic bridges this week - just like the Victorians did.

We used our knowledge to design a bridge.

Year 5 had a great workshop on conflict resolution today.

Our engineers designed and then created bridges in our design and technology lessons.

For World Book Day, we wrote our own version of 'The Day the Felt-tips Quit'.

Barn Owls dissected and labelled alstroemeria lilies in Science today.

Our dissection diagrams.

We also dissected tulips.

A massive WELL DONE to our Young Voices choir who performed like superstars at Sheffield Arena.

This week, we learnt all about helpful and harmful micro-organisms and then classified them.

In gymnastics, we created bridges with our bodies.

We wrote biographies about the famous Victorian designer William Morris and then created our own designs in his style.

In RE, we are learning about Islam. We designed prayer mats.

We understood the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' in French!

If you did something wrong in Victorian schools you had to wear the dunce's cap.

We also made Victorian toys: thaumatropes, spinning tops, jack in the boxes and ball in cups.

Hopscotch and marbles were games that Victorian children used to play.

P.E. looked very different in the Victorian times. They did P.E drills in their usual clothes.

Victorian handwriting is beautiful but difficult! Barn Owls concentrated hard and worked in silence- just like Victorian children.

Today was Victorian Day. The children looked brilliant! Just like the Victorians, we tried not smiling for the photo. It was tricky!

Learning French is fun when you turn it into games!

In Science, we have been classifying vertebrates and invertebrates.

To launch our Victorians topic, we learned what the main events were between 1837 -1901

Our topic this term is The Victorians

We had a great time at the class Christmas party. Thank you FOS.

Barn Owls enjoyed the Santa Run today!

We used out knowledge of Japanese Jomon pottery to make our own figures.

In Science today, we investigated which materials were electrical conductors and which were electrical insulators.

We then created our earthquake proof buildings and tested them on a wobble table!

We had a great time designing earthquake proof structures.

Our advent calendar has been opened!

We had fun investigating solubility in science this week.

The class wrote and presented a fantastic class assembly about Japan.

Barn Owls know what to do if there is an you? These posters will help you to know.

Look at our fantastic artwork that we based on Hokusai's print of The Great Wave Off Kanagawa.

After making miso soup, the class wrote and decorated the recipe. We are so impressed with their illustration skills and beautiful handwriting.

The Natural History Museum did a fantastic volcanoes and earthquakes over Zoom. The presenter was amazed by the fantastic knowledge of the class.

Barn Owls have a new pet. Meet Naruto the tamagotchi!

We performed a traditional Japanese Bon Odori dance.

The origami jumping frog race final!

Still image for this video

Origami ( paper folding ) is a Japanese art. We made origami jumping frogs and then raced them!

We learnt the parts of the body in Japanese by singing 'Atama, kata, hiza, ashi' (Heads, shoulders, knees and toes).

The chopstick challenge final!

Still image for this video

Barn Owls are excellent at using chopsticks! We had great fun doing a chopstick challenge!

Miso soup is a very popular food in Japan. We made and tasted our own.

We tried pickled ginger and wasabi peas. Some people were brave enough to do the wasabi challenge!

A typical Japanese street food is yakisoba (noodles and vegetables). Barn Owls loved it!

Today we had 'Japan Day' to further our understanding of the topic. We dressed up in Japanese themed clothing.

Today,in science,we separated materials using evaporation, magnetism, sieving and filtration.

After learning about Buddha, we created storyboards.

We had great fun creating our Christmas cards. It's never too early to prepare!

We had a fantastic time orienteering at Witham Country Park today. The children showed fantastic teamwork, speed and map-reading skills.

We created factfiles using Word about the Japanese artist Hokusai.

Learning Japanese is lots of fun! We played Janken pon (rock paper scissors) and then introduced ourselves in Japanese.

We are having a great time in P.E lessons with Boston Utd!

This week, in science, we investigated the properties of materials.

We had a great time in science today saving the Earth! (And finding out what makes a fair test.)

Our topic for the autumn term is JAPAN

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