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Letter to parents regarding school closure updates 19th March

19th March 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

As you are aware the Government announced yesterday that schools would be closing to children from the end of the day until further notice. This still remains the case – school will be closed.

However the Government also informed us that schools may need to remain open for children whose parents are Key Workers and those most Vulnerable children. As yet we have no confirmation as to who this applies to and how this will be organised. 

The Local Authority have informed schools that if we do not have this information from the Department of Education (DfE) by tomorrow then they will provide guidance in defining these groups, however this may be subject to change by the DfE.

I apologise that this cannot be clarified at this moment but I can only act on the advice and information received.  As soon as I know anything more I assure you I will inform you.

In the meantime please can you let us know immediately if you think you are parents who are identified as Key Workers, providing your occupation, place of work and updated contact details. Please do this by emailing myself on At this stage I am not sure if both parents need to be identified as Key Workers for this to apply. If you are a single parent family this would apply if you are a key worker.

If we are able to, we can then organise the relevant provision that is required to support these children.

If you are parent whose child is identified as a Vulnerable child, we will contact you directly and confidentially.

I am hoping for clarification with regards to this so that we can make plans moving forward. These still remain uncertain times and we do not know for sure if we will be a school that remains open to these identified children.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during these difficult times.

Kind regards


Mrs Jameson