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Today Barn Owls have been learning how to save lives. Thank you LIVES!

The children were fabulous in the end of year production of Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies.

Please see the video channel for the fantastic trailer made by the children to advertise our production of 'Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies'.

Today we used our understanding of forces to create effective parachutes - which we then threw off the church tower! Also see the video channel.

We had a special art session by Miss O'Callaghan from TCHS based upon the work of Max Hundertwasser.

We had an incredible time at RAF Cranwell today. We watched a flypast, tried on uniforms and learned about the history of the RAF. The best bit was doing a real marching drill! see the videos on the video channel too!

We enjoyed toasting marshmallows (and burning the SATs papers!)

We got lots of sleep - NOT!.

Year 6 have been preparing for secondary school by creating pictures with natural things to depict their memories of their time at Quadring.

Who knew what amazing mechanical engineers we had in the class? We created machines that used gears, ramps, pulleys and levers.

Well done to our amazing girls' cricket team who came third today at the interschools competition!

Today, we acted out a scene from our class read 'The Giant's Necklace'. This will help us with our writing over the next few days.

We had a fantastic post SATs chocolate fondue party! We then had a very special awards ceremony!

Some ex pupils came back to visit us on Sports Evening

We had a great time at Sports Day. The winning team's captain and vice captain proudly raised the cup!

Gerald came on our sats journey with us.

In true 'Cool Runnings' style, we too have a lucky egg (Gerald Trump) to help us thrugh SATs week. Everyday we will add one more characteristic to it!

During SATs week, we are concentrating on keeping calm and relaxed. As part of our Buddhism topic, we have been colouring mandalas and doing a meditation.

One of our violinists took part in an orchestra day. She was a superstar!

After five days, we can see the micro-organisms that are present in our school! (Eurgh!)

We tried out the new reading teepee.

Today was Mrs Matthews' last Science lesson with us before she retires. Mrs Matthews has been a brilliant help in our class and we will miss her.

Today we were microbiologists. Which area of the school do you think will have the most microorganisms?

You were right Barn did deflate the longer it was left.

We investigated which temperature of water was the best for yeast to produce gas.

Today we investigated which foods are made using micro-organisms. (We also ate the food!)

The children looked amazing today for Greek Day! Thank you to all the families for supporting this event!

We were inspired by our trip to the Fitzwilliam and designed our own Greek pots.

We used the Greek alphabet to write the names of the characters we had come dressed as.

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Cambridge today. The children's mature behaviour was commented on by others. They were excellent ambassadors for the school.

Whilst in Cambridge, we furthered our understanding of Ancient Greeks by visiting the Fitzwiliam Museum.

It looks like winter!

Today the chicks returned . They looked very different but they still enjoyed a cuddle!

We created our own Greek mythological creature Top Trumps!

To further understand plant reproduction, we are growing our own potatoes!

Life is certainly exciting in Barn Owls...following the departure of the chicks, we launched our Greek topic by going in the planetarium and identifying constellations and the Greek myths behind them.

Today the chicks left for their new homes. We hope to post updates of their progress soon as they will all live in the village!

The chicks explored Chicktopia today!

All of our chick writing is now complete and the chicks enjoyed reading the children's work.

The chicks were very impressed with the children's work today.

Day 4. Don't worry Barn Owls - they'll be back at school tomorrow! Remember - those people who hand in ther homework first get to handle them first!

Day 3 and the chicks are helping me to mark the work the class have done about them...

Day 2 post hatch. They're getting bigger! The children transferred them into a box to clean them out!

Whilst some of the class were at Sportshall Athletics, the rest of us designed and made a chick eggstension for when they are a little larger!

The chicks have been moved to the brooder box.

All 11 chicks have now hatched. The last one popped out at 6pm tonight! Look at the video channel to see them hatching.

Look what's arrived in our classroom!


A sneek preview ahead of the Young Voices concert...

Still image for this video

We had our very last Young Voices rehearsal. Sheffield Arena her we come!

In Science, we labelled the parts of a flower then dissected lilies and tulips to identify them. Why just look in books when you can do it for real?!

After studying the Japanese artist Hokusai's life and works, we recreated his 'Great Wave of Kanagawa' using pen and ink, colouring pencil, paint and collage.

We have had a very busy start back to 2018. One of our topics is the seasonality of food and as part of this we made roasted potaoto soup and cauliflower cheese soup. The children loved them - even the children who didn't like cauliflower cheese or sweet potatoes!

We had a fantastic time at the panto - thanks Friends of School for subsidising this!

Today we were very excited to perform a Christmas concert for the Evergreen Club. Thank you for inviting us and we'll see you again next year!

We are very proud of our three wonderful violinists who have just passed some national exams and played for us today in assembly. Thanks also to Mr Weston - their fantastic teacher.

We finished our topic on changing materials today by investigating how to separate mixtures.

We learnt all about Christingles today and had great fun making them!

Barn Owls were word perfect today in the class assembly; they made us very proud. The assembly was all about what it would have been like at school in the Victorian times. Look at the video channel for the full assembly.

We had a great time in Science investigating reversible and irreversible reactions. We even made a volcanic eruption!

Today we made scientific predictions using our maths skills. We predicted what length a candle would burn to after a certain number of minutes by using data and a line of best fit.

This term in Science we are learning to be special effects creators. We are developing our knowledge of chemistry. Today we learnt about solutions, colloids and suspensions by making different types of mud (with foodstuffs!). Things got a bit messy - but Barn Owls are super cleaner-uppers!

In assembly, we had a fantastic Taekwondo demonstration by a Year 6 pupil.

Still image for this video

Today we explored Quadring as part of our topic work.

On the first time of entering the Lincolnshire Maths Quiz, our wonderful team came 5th out of 18! Well done!

We had a special visitor come and tell us abpuot the history of their family and how their contacts with royalty - including the gunpowder plot!

Today we began to sketch the landscape outside our classroom.

Barn Owls enjoyed their afternoon of happiness today and they thoroughly deserved it! Our writing on Professor Snape had inspired us so much that we watched Harry Potter.

Barn Owls are really enjoying our 'Super Science Thursdays!' Today's investigation was to see which materials conducted electricity.

We investigated what happened when an electrical current went through salt water.

Have a look at our Professor Snape character descriptions...

As part of our Quadring topic, we have been looking at old maps and old plans and photos of the school. Some children brought in information about their heritage.

The JPCSOs gave a fantastic presentation on how to stay safe on Halloween and Bonfire Night.

As part of out 'Getting on and Falling Out' topic, we created a poster to show how to cool down conflict. We voted for the winners.

We acted out the story - first without dialogue and then with the dialogue that we had written.

We have started preparing to write a narrative. Today we had to recall and order the story of 'For the Birds'.

Today in Science we investigated the absorbency of different types of cloth.

We have discovered that listening to classical music really helps us to concentrate and do really tricky maths!

We are learning about Quadring and our family history. This young lady brought in a fabulous photo of her great, great grandfather who drove a horse and trap.

We were so proud of our fantastic mathematicians today - and welcomed a new teacher to the class...

We have been busy making fabulous Christmas cards for everyone to buy. Come and place your orders on Tuesday after school.

Today we investigated the strength of different types of paper.

Welcome Young Voices

Please use the links below to help you learn the words and dances


You're in the Band

Lyrics and music


Dance Breakdown


Dance Full run through


Pop Medley 2018


The Call


Name That Toon


Pop Goes the Classics


Singing Together






The whole class created a fantastic character description of Professor Snape today. We are looking forward to reading your independent writing!

We have been given some brilliant coaching in football by Georgia Wallis - who has been playing soccer in America for the past 5 years and before that played for Bath Ladies.

Barn Owls planned and carried out a fair test to see which cup kept Mrs Wood's and Mrs Woodhead's cocoa hottest for longest.

Looking at rights and responsibilities and the UN convention on the rights of the child helped us to create our own class charter.

Barn Owls are having a 'Decorate your homework book competition' We have been amazed at the artistic standard of the class!

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Welcome back Barn Owls!

We hope you have had a great summer.  Mrs Wood, Mrs Sharman, Mrs Jones and Mrs Wood are really looking forward to seeing you again! 

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