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Goodbye and good luck Year 6 - you've been amazing!  Click on the link below to see the special leavers' webpage.
Click on the link below for home learning tasks

Virtual Sports Day and school sports day (videos from school and virtual sports day are on the video channel)

BOB (Barn owls bubble) investigated air resistance by launching their parachutes off the church tower!

Cookery day

Smarties, Skittles and other sweeties maths!

For Greek Day we dressed up in costume.

Examples of work from Greek Day

Thank you Year 4 for your letters! I am looking forward to being your teacher in September.

Information for parents and carers of children joining Barn Owls class in September.
The Year 6 children in school have been busy performing songs and dances.

Barn Owls have persuaded me to give them Friday off!

We've had so much fun doing our daily Joelle Wicks workouts!  See the video channel.

Our superstar Lincolnshire Virtual sports finalists!

Thanks to Friends of School we have been able to buy these fantastic books for our classroom!

Please click on the link below to watch Quadring Primary's staff do their version of 'Quadring Funk!'

Our insects made from natural materials inspired by the artist Raku Inoue. Thank you Ms O'Callaghan at TCHS for the idea.

Persuasive letters to Sir John Hayes about PE and Sports Premium funding.

Our boats that we designed as part of our water resistance investigation. There are also clips on the video channel.

This week our topic is 'forces'. We investigated air resistance using parachutes and paper helicopters. Please look at the video channel for videos of our investigations

Because we can't do a transition day this year for the Year 4s who will come into Barn Owls in September, the current Barn Owls have written advice for them.

E's powerpoint video for the new Barn Owls

Still image for this video

I's powerpoint video about Barn Owls

Still image for this video

P's powerpoint about Barn Owls

Still image for this video

J's powerpoint video for the new Year5s

Still image for this video

M's powerpoint video for new Barn Owls

Still image for this video

A's amazing artwork!

E and R have been busy earning Blue Peter badges!

Islamic prayer mats designed by Barn Owls.

Our work on the 5 pillars of Islam

E's video powerpoint of the 5 pillars of Islam

Still image for this video

Er's powerpoint about the 5 pillars of Islam

Still image for this video

As part of our topic work on Islam, we have made Eid biscuits.

In school, we have been recording our temperatures on a graph.

This week Barn Owls have created their own Greek mythological Top Trumps cards.

I's description of her Greek mythological creature.

Click on the link below to see the family life in lockdown projects.

Click on the link below for a message from Mrs Wood.

Click on the link below to see a video celebrating the children's home learning.
Barn Owls have been doing brilliantly with their home learning.  Below are examples of the work they have done.  The home learning starts with the stories of Holika and Prahlad and goes upwards with time.

I's wonderful artwork!

E has been learning to fly a drone and has passed her drone flying theory test - well done!

Click the link below to hear Emilia's fantastic corona song.

Information Posters About the Ancient Greek Olympic Games.

O's Olympic pentathlon powerpoint

Barn Owls have been creating their own Olympic pentathlon events.

Greek food that we have made at home.

Plants that we are growing at home as part of our science work.

Ewan's plants

Pictures of Greek gods and goddesses.

A's amazing internet safety poster

E's fantastic drawing of a Groovy Greek!

B-G's cat is fascinated by the Ancient Greeks and has completed his home learning!

O's Ancient Greeks timeline

Internet safety posters

Jacob's internet safety poster

We had an honorary Barn Owl in school today - Harry Barn Owl! Look at what he made!

Our Victorian afternoon teas, Victoria Sponge cakes and bread!

O's Victorian Tea Party

Letter about school closure.

Today, we dissected flowers and labelled the different parts.

Barn Owls also composed pieces of music to tell the story of a Victorian fairy tale based after we learned about how Prokofiev composed Peter and the Wolf.

We made book trailers of classic Victorian fairy tales for World Book Day.  They are on the video channel - please have a look.

We experienced the Lincolnshire Primary Proms at a genuine Victorian Theatre. Did you know the 'Proms' were introduced by the Victorians? We even saw taiko drummers!

There were also lots of Victorian style shops for us to see - and even some decoupage!

We enhanced our understanding of the Victorian school by visiting the Museum of Lincolnshire Life today.

Did you know the British Empire covered 25% of the globe and was 20% of the world's population in 1889?

We played traditional Victorian playground games - marbles, skipping and hopscotch.

We did Victorian style PE drills.

Decoupage was an art technique that the Victorian used. We did our own versions of decoupage.

Victorian handwriting was a bit more elaborate than we usually do - but Barn Owls did it brilliantly!

To understand our topic of the Victorians, we dressed as Victorians and did Victorian school activities. We all dressed the part an tried to pull serious faces for the photos!

Today, Barn Owls learned the paralympic sport of Boccia. Thank you Mr Haslam from Middlecott Academy!

Well done Barn Owls! 3rd out of 11 schools in the Sportshall athletics finals!!!

Today, our Mini Police assisted PCSO Abbotts with a 'crime scene investigation'. They took fingerprints, we dressed in crime scene suits and we looked at how evidence could be gathered.

We carried out an investigation to find out which areas of the school had the most micro-organisms growing there. Thank you TCHS for the nurient plates!

Our scientists of the day showed fantastic research skills in determining how to classify animals.

In gymnastics, we linked our work on bridges to making bridges with our bodies.

We were amazed with how much weight our bridges supported! We also gave presentations about them to the class.

The winning bridge; stylish and strong! It held a whole row of full coke cans and a jar full of marbles!

Our engineers of the day.

We started the new year with a new topic - The Victorians. We will be learning about Isambard Kingdom Brunel and so we developed our knowledge of bridges. In design technology, we designed and then made our own bridges.

Knowledge organisers for the spring term.

We finished our Japan topic by reviewing what we had learned about Japan (and practising our use of bullet points!).

We had a great time at the Christmas Party. Thank you Friends of School!

After researching about earthquakes, we created powerpoints and presented them to the class. Have a look at these fantastic examples!

One of our Barn Owls has been working super hard at home to learn Japanese kanji!

Barn Owls used their origami skills to make Christmas decorations!

Today, Barn Owls were given training and subsequently qualified to become 'Playground Leaders'.

We were delighted to share our knowledge about Japan with the rest of the school and our families in our class assembly. The children wrote and presented the assembly completely independently. Well done Barn Owls.

We also visited the Natural History Museum. We also saw the ichthyosaur fossils that we learned about last year.

As part of our Japan topic, Barn Owls went to London yesterday. We had the incredible opportunity to visit the Embassy of Japan! Whilst we were there we experienced a traditional Japanese tea ceremony and had a go at Japanese calligraphy.

We did so well at Sportshall athletics that we got through to the plate finals in January!

Today we investigated how to separate materials using evaporation, sieving, filtering and magnetism.

Please look at the video channel to see videos of our Taiko drumming. 

We learnt how to play the Japanese Taiko drums!!! Thank you to the AMAZING Jared Sensei from Tengu Taiko.

After reading the start of Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo, we wrote newspaper articles about Michael's disappearance.

Following the success of making miso soup, we wrote and decorated our own recipes so that we could make it again at home!

Please have a look at the Japan Day videos on the video channel (click on the 'children' page).

Barn Owls astounded us all with their fantastic origami skills. They made jumping frogs - then we raced them!

Our origami jumping frog race finalists!

'Atama, kata, hiza, ashi' is the Japanese version of 'Heads, shoulders, knees and toes'.

We played 'Janken Pon' (Japanese 'Rock, paper, scissors').

Sushi making and eating. Everyone tried wasabi - it made our eyes water but we still loved it! The dried seaweed wasn't to everyone's taste however...

Miso soup is a staple food in the Japanese diet. We made and then tasted miso soup. It was delicious!

We tried Japanese seasonal fruits: kaki (persimmon) and nashi (asian pear).

Everyone uses chopsticks to eat in Japan so we did a 'chopstick challenge' with Haribo!

Today is Culture Day in Japan. To celebrate this we did a whole day of Japanese cultural activities. We dressed in Japanese themed clothes...

We created posters to explain what to do in an earthquake.

As part of our topic on Japan we have started learning about earthquakes. Today we did an earthquake drill!

The Mini Police gave fantastic presentation about Halloween and Bonfire Safety.

The Mini Police's powerpoint.

Mrs Wood's tea always goes cold too quickly. Barn Owls carried out an investigation to see which material was the best insulator.

In preparation for writing a newspaper article, we wrote and performed a news bulletin.

Today we predicted a storyline from Kensuke's Kingdom and acted it out.

We ceated Haikus (a Japanese form of poetry) about our nature area and The Great Wave.

Barn Owls recreated 'The Great Wave of Kanagawa'.

We analysed the famous print of The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai.

Harvest song

Still image for this video

As part of our Japan topic, we learnt about the Japanese artist, Hokusai. We created factfiles on Word about him.

Our scientist of the day.

Look at what happened to our salt water!

As part of Roald Dahl Day, we made our own marvellous medicines to help us understand reversible and irreversible reactions.