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The Cowley & Brown's School Foundation Charity

Welcome to the Cowley and Brown's Foundation Charity section of the website. There are two branches to this organisation; The actual Foundation Charity and The Cowley and Brown Charity. The Charity, at over 300 years old, have always aimed at helping the residents in the parish of Quadring.

The Cowley and Brown's Foundation Charity (reg no. 509995)

The Foundation charity help anyone under the age of 25 who are a resident or have a parent who is a resident in the parish of Quadring. The Charity aim to help those who require financial aid with regard to;

  • Travel for people in sixth form and/or university; 
  • Books for study for A levels, college and/or university.


An application form, in pdf format, can be found and downloaded below.


The Cowley and Brown Charity (reg no. 217099)

This arm of the organisation is aimed at those who are in need, hardship or distress. Eligibility for this is as follows;

  • Savings or investments totalling £16,000 or less,
  • Residency in the parish of Quadring.

Applicants would need to be able to prove the above criteria to the trustee's. Please download the application form, in pdf, below.

How to apply for help

For all applications, please apply in writing to Ashley Banks, clerk to the Foundation Charity ,via the following channels;

email - or Mrs Ashley Banks, Washdyke Farm, Wykes Lane, Donington, Lincs PE11 4SD