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Back To School Radio Special - Week 10

Have a listen to an extended version of our weekly Radio station this week - with a variety of songs from different decades - all of which relate to an area of the curriculum taught within school.
We can't wait to see you all again this week.
Enjoy the tunes as we get ready to return!

School Radio Week 9

Enjoy this week's song choices from Mrs K Wood and Mrs Matthews.

School Radio Station Week 8

A rock and chilled out edition of our School Radio station this week, with the choices of Mrs Woodhead and Mrs Bemrose.

School Radio Week 7

This week we have the brilliant choices of Mr Hornsey and Mrs Devine to listen to.
Sit back, relax and enjoy the tunes whilst on your Summer holidays!

School Radio Week 6

Enjoy this week's radio segment with the choices from Mrs Ulyatt and Mr Hipwell.
Keep smiling and enjoy the Summer Holidays!

Week 5 of our School Radio Station

This week we listen to the song choices of Mrs Armstrong-Taylor and Mrs Martin, along with a Summer classic to start the show off and a special ending to this week's show.

"Year 6 Leavers' Special" - Quadring Primary School Radio

Today we hear the song choices of our Year 6 pupils who are flying to pastures new at Secondary School.
We wish you all well and hope that you enjoy listening to your favourite songs before you leave us.
Stay Safe and Be Happy!

Quadring Primary School Radio - Week 4

Have a listen to this week's song choices from Mrs Rycroft-Jones and myself, DJ Luffman.
ENJOY and don't forget to sing and boogie along with us!

Quadring Primary School Radio - Week 3

This week we hear the top three song choices of Mrs Stuart and Mrs Sharman.
Plus a variety of requests from our school pupils, family and friends.

Quadring Primary School Radio - Week 2

Have a listen to this week's song choices from Mrs Jameson and Mrs Ellison.
We have had one request from a Parent this week to - please get your requests in to us for next week!

Quadring Primary School Radio

Why not have a listen to our first ever Quadring Primary School Radio Segment.
Relax and enjoy as "DJ Luffman" takes you for a trip down memory lane with staff stories, memories and of course memorable songs!

This week it's the turn of Mrs Wood and Mrs Willson - listen to find out what their favourite three songs are and the reasons why!
Get up, dance and sing-a-long, or just relax and enjoy the tunes!

Keep checking back for more editions each week.

If any of you would like your favourite song adding into a segment, please email Mrs Luffman on and tell us the reason why you would like it playing.

Enjoy and we hope it makes you all SMILE!

A Poem from Mrs Kay Wood to our Quadring Family. :)

Government Announcement on Lockdown and partial School reopening. 


Good morning everyone

I hope you managed to have a good weekend. In light of yesterday's announcement by the Prime Minister, I thought it was important to keep you up to date with the next steps. 

Our position as a school has not changed at the moment and we continue to follow the Local Authority and DfE guidance with regards to Lockdown and School Closures. 

Just like you, the first I knew about the possible next steps was the announcement yesterday evening, which in all honesty didn't really clarify anything for definite. No decisions can be made until after tonight's announcement, if that provides clear enough guidelines for what we are expected to do next. 

In terms of Key Workers we will continue to follow the guidance set out originally by the Government. Until such time as we have clarity as to what the next steps will be, children should be kept at home if this is possible. Any person returning to work who is a Key worker, but until now, has been able to work from home, but who now requires their child to be in school as a key worker child, and who is unable to provide that care at home, must contact me directly to discuss this. We are not able to accept any child into school if they simply turn up, as there is so much to consider such as staffing ratios, pupil safety, social distancing, risk assessments and so much more. 

In terms of the potential re opening of schools to Year 6 , Year 1 and Reception pupils on the 1st June, we will await further guidance with regards to this. 

However I must reassure you that we are working hard to plan the best scenarios for any return to school to ensure that all safety procedures are in place to enable us to keep everyone safe, while still trying to provide the best learning opportunities that we can.  

I know that it is very frustrating not knowing what is going to happen or when schools will definitely reopen partially or fully. And also that you will have so many concerns and worries about your child returning to school when they are able to. I completely understand all of this and we too, have the same concerns and worries. However, no decisions will be made without a lot of thought and planning, and only if they are in the best interests of all. 

In the meantime, please stay safe and healthy. 

Thank you for your support and understanding

Mrs Jameson and the Quadring Staff team

A Thank you from the Students

Still image for this video

A special message from the Quadring Staff Team

Still image for this video

Stone Haven Care Home thank you card.

Thank you to the D family for these beautiful creations and pictures. We love your stay safe messages.

Summer Term 1 Message to our children and families

Good morning everyone


I hope you are all well and everyone is safe and healthy. I also hope you all managed to have a good rest over Easter and enjoy the lovely sunshine. Thank you to everyone who has been keeping in touch and sending photos of the children and what they have been doing. It is lovely to see how creative the children and you as families are being. 


As we know the start of the new term is this coming Monday and in order to try and keep things as normal as is possible (if that is possible!) learning at home will start again. The Class Teachers have been busy preparing and planning the learning activities and projects for the next week.  You can access all learning for the next week and beyond on the school website under the dedicated Class Page for your child. All other communication will continue to be via the Class Emails or via my email if needed.


We know this continues to be a difficult time for all of the children and for you as parents/carers as your children continue to remain at home and unable to attend school. We do not know what the Governments plans are in terms of lifting the lockdown and opening schools, and the only information that I receive is exactly what you receive by watching the daily news. However as soon as I do know anything I will let you know.  In the meantime we will continue to provide the best support we can to all of you, to the best of all of our abilities. If you need any help or support- whatever this may be please do contact us.  


We have been lucky enough to receive support for many of our families who have been facing difficulty during this time, whether that is due to being furloughed or lose of finances etc, through amazing local charities providing food and fruit parcels. We have been astounded and humbled by the generosity of the local communities in helping vulnerable people during this time and we will be forever grateful. If you do find yourself in this situation or in need please contact me directly and I will do what I can to help. These are times when we need to pull together and help each other and no one could have predicted how this situation could impact any one of us. 


Also we have been fortunate enough to continue to provide food parcels for our Free School Meal children.  I will be sending information regarding how to check if your child is eligible in a seperate email. Please do check as you may be eligible now even though you might not have been previously. Every little helps. 


Please take care of yourselves and tell the children that we miss them and we are looking forward to seeing them as soon as we can. 


Thank you for your support as always

Mrs Jameson and the Quadring Staff Team

Beautiful memories in the making. Thank you to the B Family x

QCB Wellbeing Guide for all of our parents, staff, children, family, friends and Community

BBC Newsround for children:

Us the child friendly version of the news to help children understand what is happening during COVID-19

Mrs Bemrose's last day in school - Thank you for the past 30 years Mrs Bemrose. We look forward to when we can all be together to say a proper goodbye and thank you. We love you :)

Easter Holidays and Learning from Home


The Easter Holidays will soon be here and although this is not a normal period of time within the school year, we would like to keep the holidays as normal. So there will be no learning or work set for the two weeks of the Easter Holidays. We will add Easter activities and ideas on the school website class pages but these are purely as fun activities to be enjoyed by all if you wish.


This time needs to be a rest from any formal learning for the children and also a rest for all parents/families who are supporting learning at home. Please use this time to have fun, play games and spent time together as a family without the added pressures of trying to complete school work.

Information and learning resources/activities will resume after the Easter Holidays.  This information will be added to the relevant Class Pages on the school website and on the general parents section - learning at home.  While we require this learning to be accessed online we don expect any of you to be printing anything off.  All learning can be completed in the lined and squared paper books that your child was provided with in the learning packs on the 20th March.  All  learning should continue to be photographed or scanned and sent to the Class teachers via the relevant Class emails for marking. 


We are currently trying to produce videos to support with learning at home, including any new concepts of skills. We will continue to add these onto the school website as soon as we are able. Please understand that this is a time consuming task and may take time to produce and upload but we will do it. 


At the present time the staff are producing videos to support the learning of Phonics at home using our letters and sounds scheme and also handwriting. This is relevant to the way we teach phonics and handwriting  in our school and may be different to other schools and online sites. Please use our videos to support at home. We will inform you when these are uploaded onto the school website. 


We are also currently uploading lots of information for internet and online safety while at home on the Parents page and where relevant we will send via email. This is extremely important in these difficult times and we need to continue to make sure our children are being kept safe while accessing learning using computers and the internet. 


Thank you for all of your support. I know that for some of you, this is an exceedingly difficult time and we appreciate everything you are doing to keep your children safe and well at home, as well as supporting them with their learning.  We are always here to support and help you to the best of our ability so if you need any help please contact us via the school phone 01775 820302 or via my email  or via the Class emails. This includes during the Easter Holidays where school will remain open for any of our Key Worker Children or Vulnerable children but with minimal staff. 


Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay strong. 

Sending much love

Mrs Jameson and all of the Quadring Staff Family


Mrs Jameson completed the 100 Club draw today in school for the Friends of the School.

Still image for this video
Congratulations to all of our winners.

1st Place - Mrs Wood - Ball number 26
2nd Place - Mr Chappell - Ball number 30
3rd Place - Miss Spinks - Ball number 18

Thank you. Keep safe. Keep healthy.
Mrs Jameson

School Newsletter 27th March 2020

Happy Birthday!!! :)


Happy Birthday to all of our children who have had birthdays this week and this coming weekend.  We hope you have had and will have a lovely birthday! 


Happy Birthday to Danny - Robins
Happy Birthday to Frankie - Robins

Happy Birthday to Ryan - Barn Owls

Happy Birthday to Ashlye - Orchard 
Happy Birthday to Enija - Golden Eagles 


Sending birthday wishes from all of the Quadring School Family

Orchard class children have shared so much fun learning already - thank you! Money activities at lunchtime, weather diaries, planting seeds, phonics games and awesome addition activities! Well done all of you!

Quadring share their rainbow of love and hope with you all.

M and her cat learning together. great to see that even the pets are trying to get involved with this learning at home. What a fabulous picture. Thank you for sharing.

Fabulous photo from one of our families. Reading in the garden and helping to paint. Great extreme reading photo! Thank you for sharing.

Two of our pupils taking part in the PE with Joe Wicks at home.

Still image for this video
Thank you for sharing this video. A great way to stay active.

A Message to Barn Owls from Mrs Wood

Dear Barn Owls. 

 I have uploaded additional weblinks and resources for this week onto the home learning page.


I will continue to do this every week so they just need to keep checking.


Thank you Mrs Wood

Monday 23rd March

What a very strange and surreal day it is for those of us in school today.  It's too quiet! We are missing the chatter and laughter of the children, the busy learning environments and the wonderful teaching and learning that take place every day. 


We hope that all of our families are keeping well, keeping safe and healthy and hopefully managing to combine some learning with enjoying the bright sunshine and fresh air in the safety of your own gardens. 


Keep sending in your photos and messages so we can post them on the school website to keep in touch. 

Sending much love to you all. 

Happy Mother's Day to all special ladies today. Sending much love from all of the Quadring School Family.

Ryan sends his love #QuadringFamily - Thank you Ryan

A lovely message from two of our pupils today - thank you E and J x Team Walters send love back to you all. #oneteam #oneschool