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We have had a truly wonderful day at Belton today! We are so proud of all the children; they were beautifully behaved, worked hard, learnt lots and had lots of fun!  On arrival we took part in a mini beast hunt. The children hunted in groups, using small brushes to uncover insects. We found, frogs, woodlice, spiders, worms, grass hoppers and beetles. We also saw a rabbit,  a squirrel and a gaggle of geese. On the way back to have our lunch, we took part in some tree hugging; a first for nearly all of us! After lunch, we explored the extensive wooded adventure play area. Many of the children, told me it was the, 'best day ever!!!'

Go Robins!!!!!!!


Our penpals came to visit us from Wittering Primary School in Peterborough. We had lots of fun together.

We have been busy planting seeds as part of our "plants" topic in Science.

We learnt about road safety from the GIST lorry drivers.

We have been in our nature area today identifying the different trees that grow there.

In Design and Technolgy we have been having fun making Tudor Houses. The are all fantastic. Here are some of the finshed products.

This week in Science we have been learning about wild flowers. We have been identifying the different types of wild flowers we can find in the local environment. Then we studied one in close detail, answering questions such as: how many petals it has, how full it is, what its colour is and what its scent is like.

In science this term we are following in the footsteps of the great scientist Charles Darwin and becoming plant explorers!

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter. Term 5 is going to be a busy one in Robins. Please find details of the exciting things we are doing on the attached document.

Red Nose Day 2017

Robins and designed and created their own collage habitats, as habitats has been our topic this term in Science.

8th February- We went on a science nature ramble to explore a woodland habitat.

National Storytelling Week - 2nd February 2017

This afternoon, the children were very excited to have some of their family member's read to them. The children also were paired with some of Barn Owls and enjoyed a story together. To finish the afternoon off, Mrs Marshall shared a story of 'Charlie and Lola', as chosen by a member of Robins class.

See below for pictures of our afternoon:

Week starting 23.1.17

Well, Robins have been working super hard this week. We have been doing lots of writing and the children have done work that they should be proud of. In Topic we have be learning all about King Henry VIII. What a horrible man we have found him to have been!

Kaydan, Zac, Spencer and Oliver discussed and wrote that King Henry VIII had 'chopped 3 wives heads off', so they decided that he was 'scary' and ‘mean’.

We have also been writing some character descriptions in English of King Henry VIII, with a number of children producing the most beautiful work.

Here is an example of Sam's work:

We look forward to finding out a lot more about the Tudors.

Week beginning 9.1.17

For the next two weeks in English we will be reading and writing a selection of poems. Today we worked in groups to recite the fabulous nonsense rhyme by Spike Milligan: "On the Ning Nang Nong." We tried hard with our intonation and created movements to go with the poem when we performed it.

Happy New Year to everybody.

A big thank you from all of the Robins' team for our lovely Christmas presents.

We have an exciting term ahead. Please look below at the overview for this term and the timetable.

There will be no new spellings and homework this Friday. We think the children are exhausted and just need to enjoy the build up to Christmas. Thank you :-)

Week beginning 28.11.16


Science this week was lots of fun. As part of our "journeys" topic we investigated the question "which material would make the best toy aeroplane." We worked in groups to test out different materials. We had to make sure that we made sure they were fair tests. The results were quite interesting because felt came out best, but not many of us had predicted that (including Mrs Gowers!)


In Maths over the last few weeks we have been learning about fractions of shapes and amounts. For homework this week we are going to try the "hit the button" programme for halves.


In English we have looked at all of the different sentence types and we are now concentrating on commands. We will be writing some instructions using imperative verbs.


In Art and DT we have looked at the history of hot air balloons and have started to make our own hot air balloons out of papier mache.


In geography we enjoyed looking at our local area on Google Earth and have created our own bird's eye view of the classroom.




Please look at the newsletter and find out about the exciting topics for this term.

Week beginning 10th October.

This week we have had lots of fun with poetry. We worked in groups on our performance poetry. We were very good at organising ourselves and our end performances to the class were excellent! In Mathematics we looked at odd and even numbers. In Art we painted our still life fruit pictures. There will be no homework this week as it is the holidays but we will send home spellings and reading books as normal.

Our Artwork

Practising our Performance Poems

This week in maths we have started to think about measuring weight (mass). Some children compared weights using the balancing scales and other measured to the nearest kg and g.

30th September 2016

Dear Parents and Carers,

I am writing to let you know that following my operation at the end of August, I need to have a smaller follow up procedure next week. A mixture of Mr Kelwick, Mrs Ulyatt and Mr Hornsey will be teaching the class next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I am planning to back with the class as normal on Wednesday 12th October.

I really appreciate your understanding on this matter and I can assure you the children will be very well looked after!

With thanks,

Clare Marshall


Week beginning 27th September.

We have had a busy week of learning and fun. In English we have been looking in books to find facts about sharks and next week we will be writing a fact sheet about them. If you can find any interesting shark facts of your own at home please bring them in and share them with the class. Our addition is coming on beautifully in Maths and we were particularly good at solving real life problems this week. In art we looked at the still life pictures of Paul Cezanne and created some still-life pictures of fruit.

Our still life pictures

examples of this week's Maths and English

Update on the D & T (Design a healthy meal for a yound child) letter:

It has come to our attention that the letter you all recieved today regarding the above was sent out in error. This letter was intended to be accompanied by the children's meal plan they have designed in class. The children will be given their design on Monday so that you plenty of time to purchase the required ingredients for Thursday 22nd September.

Have a good weekend.


Many Thanks,


Mrs Marshall and the Robins Team

Week starting 12.09.2016:

Wow! We are now in our second full week back at school, and what an exciting week it has been too! We have welcomed back Mrs Marshall who has made a speedy recovery from her operation. Robins are glad to have her back!


As a class, we started to look at nouns and adjectives and began to write some interesting noun phrases.

Here is an example from Tomek's work:

'He has soft, big ears.'

The use of capital letters, full stops and finger spaces are a big focus for the Year One's to concentrate on to.


In Maths, we have started to look at the place value of numbers.

For example:

37 = 30 + 7

Below is an example of some work:



As our focus is on Florence Nightingale in Topic this term, we have looked at: the impact that she had, what she changed and what she improved within the hospitals.

As you can see in the picture below JJ has really thought about these changes:


The special books that you allowed your children to bring in last Friday were wonderful too! They really enjoyed sharing their books and talking about the reasons why they are special.


We are looking forward to making the children's design of a healthy sandwich on Thursday. Please remember to bring the ingredients required.


Hope you all have a good week.


The Robins' Team



Week beginning 5.9.16

Robins have had a fantastic start to the term. They have been writing their own versions

of "The Tiger Who Came to Tea," this week. They have produced some really fabulous work.


In Maths we have looked at number bonds and we have started our times tables tests for Year 2s on Wednesday mornings. The children were amazing at this considering it was the first time they had completed an official grid. See below for an example of the grids.


In history we have been learning about Florence Nightingale. Some of the children wrote brilliant biographies. There is a picture of Matilda's amazing work for you to see.

Week beginning 29.8.16


Welcome back to school. We hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing summer. A big thank you from the Key Stage 1 team for all of the lovely gifts we received at the end of term.


We have some exciting new topics to get our teeth into this term. Please open the documents below to discover what lies ahead for our class.


Mrs Marshall has had a minor operation so will not be in class until the week commencing 12.9.16. Mrs Gowers will be taking the class on most of Mrs Marshall's days of absence with Mr Kelwick taking the class on Friday 9th September. We are sure that the children will quickly settle into the new class routine but if you have any queries please come and see us at the end of the day.

Information sheet for Term 1

Yearly overview for Robins' class.