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Welcome to our Orchard Class page.

Please keep checking back for new information, photographs and video's of our ongoing work from Orchard.

We have started off our "seaside" topic with some paired writing - adding excellent labels to our beach picture.

We had a visit from "Clarks opticians" as part of our learning about People Who Help Us. It was great fun and very informative!

Our question and answer session with Mrs Reed about her mini-beast pets - Twiggy and Steve the stick insects and Marmite the African land snail.

Orchard Class Assembly

We are so proud of our Orchard class children for performing their Julia Donaldson assembly to their families and friends and the rest of the whole school.

Take a look at the story videos below which were incorporated into our assembly.

There are more videos on our video channel (under the "Children" area of our main website page) from the live assembly.

Well done to you all!

"Room on the broom" group role-play

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"The Gruffalo" group role-play

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"A squash and a squeeze" group role-play

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Our Julia Donaldson class trip - Zog nature trail in Sherwood Pines followed by Room on the Broom on stage at the Theatre Royal in Nottingham!

Our children are loving our new hospital role-play area - inspired by Zog and the flying doctors!

We made some yummy, healthy Gruffalo tusks as an extra snack!

This terms topic is Julia Donaldson!

"Premier Education" came into school today to teach us all about Ultimate Frisbee - It was great fun!

We have been learning about 3D shapes in Maths. Today we used them to make a model of our house.

We have started our new topic off with the story of "Stick man." We went to our school nature area on a stick hunt so that we could make our very own Stick man crafts. It was great fun - we even acted out parts of the story with the sticks we found!

Since going on our Stick hunt we have created our own Stick man characters using the sticks we found!

This term we have been learning all about non-fiction books. We used "Sock Goblins," to help us learn how to make our very own sock dinosaur hand puppets.

Writing a caption for our Harry and the dinosaurs pictures.

We have been learning all about Chinese New Year and making lots of crafts to decorate our classroom with, for this special time of year.

Dinosaur dancing

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Our P.E lessons this term have focused on the movements of different types of dinosaur.
The children have been amazing at thinking about how dinosaurs move and woods to describe this.
The children then worked in pairs, to create their very own dinosaur routine to some dinosaur themed music.
They picked a dinosaur move each and repeated it to the count of eight - which they picked up very quickly with very little support.
Not only did they create and learn these independently, they were all then confident enough to perform them in front of their classmates. Enjoy!


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We have been learning all about fossils. We have even designed and made our own using a bar of soap.

Wow our children have really impressed us this week - Writing a caption!

Harry and the dinosaurs say "Raah!"

Investigating length - "The ... is longer/shorter than my dinosaur."


And Welcome back to a new term!

Our new Dinosaur Museum role-play area has kick started our new topic. The children had some fab ideas for what to put in there.

The children have been using fact books to find pictures of their model dinosaurs, in order to find out what their names are - just like Harry in "Harry and the bucketful of dinosaurs."

Updated weekly timetable for Orchard Class

Decorating for Christmas. Orchard class dressed up in their fancy outfits to decorate our classroom ready for the festive season.

Indian dancing to celebrate Divali!

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Spooky magnetism! We have been experimenting with magnets to see which objects "stick" and which do not. We then used this knowledge to make our own floating skeletons, black cats and witches to enhance our reading of the "Winnie the Witch" stories.


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Today we went on an Autumn walk to collect leaves of all different colours for our artwork.

Harvest festival - From wheat to flour!

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Our children have been absolute superstars today with their performance for our school Harvest festival. Take a look at their excellent speaking and confidence in front of the whole school.
Well done to all!

Today we had a tractor come to visit us to enhance our learning about Harvest. It was brilliant and the children loved being able to climb inside it.

Thank you Mr Wilson!

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This week's award winners.

Positional language beanbag song

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This week we have been learning about positional language within our Mathematics lessons.
The children have played various fun games and we learnt this beanbag song to help us - you may recognise the tune!
The children have been brilliant with their language to describe position - why not play a game at home to see if they have remembered 😀

Finding out about toys from the past. Our children were so keen to share their findings from their homework challenge. They asked family members about their favourite childhood toys. Some even still had them which were great to see.

Award winners this week.

School council Quadring shop. Today all our children got to spend the Quadring coins they have earnt in celebration assembly at our school shop. They chose the item they would like to buy and then counted out the right number of their coins for the shop keeper.

Award winners for this week!

This week we have been learning about 2D shapes. We even thought about the shape properties to make a house picture. (More photos to follow.)

This week's award winners!

It's a bear!

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This video shows the end of our story hunt.

"We're going on a bear hunt."

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Today we re-read our bear story of the week, thinking carefully about the different settings and how they sounded.
We decided to make the story even more exciting by making it into a song and adding our own sound effects to the different settings.
The children picked their own instrument and decided which setting it sounded like.
They then showed excellent awareness of the repeated story language by joining in with the reciting.
Great work everyone!

This weeks award winners!

Each class has been given a "worry monster" who will physically eat our children's worries when they are written down on paper. We set a competition for the children in their class to name their worry monster and then had a vote for our favourites. Well done to Freddy who named our Orchard class monster as "Geoffree" - we changed the spelling as he will let our worries free!

Our first P.E session! Traffic light warm up game, balancing beanbags and team races - what fun we all had!

Goldilocks and the three bears role-play!

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This week we have been focusing on this very famous story as part of our afternoon lessons and our topic this term - "bears."
The children have listened to the story, talked about the characters and how they sound, helped Mrs Luffman (who is always getting things muddled up) to put pictures back in the right order and today they had a go at acting out their very own versions of the story. As a whole class we set the scenes and then practiced in our little groups before it was show time! Wow how amazing and confident all of the children were, well done you superstars!

Take 2

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Take 3

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Today we sang parachute songs and played games to develop our confidence and build friendships!

Look how well our new pupils have settled in. We are so proud of every one of them!

Term 1 letter for parents

Annual Curriculum Plan for Orchard Class