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The role of Learning Support Assistants

The Role of Learning Support Assistants

We have 6 Learning l Support Assistants (LSA's) working with our SENd, Pupil Premium and Higher Ability pupils. LSA's have high expectations of all pupils, and use their subject knowledge to enable all pupils to achieve the learning objective in lessons. Teaching staff plan lessons to make effective use of the LSA's, therefore their impact is significant in contributing to their learning and achievement in our classrooms.


Our LSA's attend training to continue their professional development some areas that they have covered are:

  • Speech and Language
  • Child Protection
  • Variety of reading interventions
  • First class @ number


Each class has a designated LSA or LSA's with them for English and Maths in the morning. LSA's then use the afternoon to withdraw SENd pupils to carry out specific interventions either as part of a group or individually. Some examples are:

  • Toe by Toe
  • Word wasp
  • Hornet
  • Speech and Language target work
  • Specific subject boosters based upon the weekly topic