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Active Travel Award Results - Week One

We are so proud of all the children and families that have chosen to travel to school actively this week. The class results are as follows:


@QuadringOrchard 62.5%

@QuadringRobins 32.3%

@QuadringEagles 34.4%

@QuadringOwls 53.3%


This means we have achieved a whole school total of 43.4% which will attain the “Silver Award.” Well done!


As always at Quadring Primary School, we strive for the best so come on everyone let’s get walking, biking and scooting to and or from school to earn the Platinum award! 

Your school Staff have also been taking part and they have accrued 76.2% participation within the first week - so CHALLENGE TIME...

which class can beat the staff this week?


Remember you only need to travel actively one way (either to school or home from school) for three different days within a week to have your participation included in our total - YOU CAN DO IT!


The Curry Inn and Quadring Village Hall can be used as a car park so those children who live further away can “Park and Stride!” 🚶🏽🚶🏻‍♀️🚲

Let’s enjoy getting active!