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Lincolnshire School Active Travel Award

As of Monday 26th April, we will be aiming to achieve a Lincolnshire Schools Active Travel Award. We are encouraging all our pupils to walk, bike or scooter to and/or from school each day - earning themselves team points, a healthy lifestyle and also prizes for those pupils who can travel actively the most within their year group over this term.

If we can get a specific percentage of our pupils travelling actively for at least three days over at least three weeks, we can achieve one of the awards on offer - from Bronze up to Platinum.

If you live outside the village, we have organised with "The Curry Inn," at the village crossroads, to act as a "Park and Stride" for all of our families, both at the beginning and end of the school day. Please feel free to park in the car park and use the village footpath to travel actively to and/or from school.

Come on everyone lets get active and achieve BIG!