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Madagascar assembly

This morning, the children were treated to a special visitor in Reverand Walters' assembly.

Jacqueline Lowe is a retired cookery teacher from Florida who is currently living in Madagascar for three years as a Missionary.

Whilst over in the UK and the local area to visit family she took some time out especially for us at Quadring Primary School to share photographs with our children to show the life that children lead in Madagascar.

She told the whole school about how she has taught children how to use colouring pencils, scissors, make pinwheel windmills and brush their teeth as they are not lucky enough to have such amenities.

She showed us photographs of their homes in Madagascar and told us all about the Bayabob tree (the branches look like the roots) which is a huge source of water if needed.

Thank you so much to Jacqueline and Reverand Walters for spending this time with us to extend our understanding of the World Around Us!