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Summer Term 1: Message to our children and families

Good morning everyone


I hope you are all well and everyone is safe and healthy. I also hope you all managed to have a good rest over Easter and enjoy the lovely sunshine. Thank you to everyone who has been keeping in touch and sending photos of the children and what they have been doing. It is lovely to see how creative the children and you as families are being. 


As we know the start of the new term is this coming Monday and in order to try and keep things as normal as is possible (if that is possible!) learning at home will start again. The Class Teachers have been busy preparing and planning the learning activities and projects for the next week.  You can access all learning for the next week and beyond on the school website under the dedicated Class Page for your child. All other communication will continue to be via the Class Emails or via my email if needed. 


We know this continues to be a difficult time for all of the children and for you as parents/carers as your children continue to remain at home and unable to attend school. We do not know what the Governments plans are in terms of lifting the lockdown and opening schools, and the only information that I receive is exactly what you receive by watching the daily news. However as soon as I do know anything I will let you know.  In the meantime we will continue to provide the best support we can to all of you, to the best of all of our abilities. If you need any help or support- whatever this may be please do contact us.  


We have been lucky enough to receive support for many of our families who have been facing difficulty during this time, whether that is due to being furloughed or lose of finances etc, through amazing local charities providing food and fruit parcels. We have been astounded and humbled by the generosity of the local communities in helping vulnerable people during this time and we will be forever grateful. If you do find yourself in this situation or in need please contact me directly and I will do what I can to help. These are times when we need to pull together and help each other and no one could have predicted how this situation could impact any one of us. 


Also we have been fortunate enough to continue to provide food parcels for our Free School Meal children.  I will be sending information regarding how to check if your child is eligible in a seperate email. Please do check as you may be eligible now even though you might not have been previously. Every little helps. 


Please take care of yourselves and tell the children that we miss them and we are looking forward to seeing them as soon as we can. 


Thank you for your support as always

Mrs Jameson and the Quadring Staff Team